We have been very busy over the last week. I have lots to update!!!!

Tuesday/Thursday Class
We have been continuing our study of GCF's and we will have a quiz Thursday on these. We also have been practicing our math facts each class with Math Flash software, please work on these at home as well. Today in Science we did an investigation on Density. Students had a blast, check our our picture gallary for photos. The question is do all heavy things skink and all light things float?

We are continuing to learn about linear equations in math, we will have a quiz Monday on one step equation with adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with integers, and decimals- next week we will move into fractions!!! I may even have a small yummy treat when we talk about fractions. In Science, students are designing their own socieities that can withstand future catastrophic events. Check out our photo gallary for some pics!!