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JUNE 7-14 2020
(subject to change depending on inclement weather)


WHO CAN ATTEND INSIGHT?  INSIGHT is open to any student in Kentucky with a visual impairment who is currently a sophomore, junior, or senior the year in which they apply.  Juniors and sophomores will have priority in the selection process. Participants may attend more than one year.  In the event that more students apply than can be accepted for the program, a waiting list will be created in case of a drop out before the program start. 

 WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT WHEN I ATTEND? INSIGHT is intended to give you the opportunity to experience what it will be like when you enter into a post-secondary setting.  You will attend college classes, classes taught  by INSIGHT staff, meet with college staff, live in the dorms with other students, make and keep schedules, and participate in various activities that are like those you would experience if you lived on campus. All participants are supervised at all times and must follow INSIGHT rules and policies.

Any application that does not include all required pieces of information will be considered incomplete.  Incomplete applications will not be considered for acceptance into the program. It may be necessary to work with the school to obtain copies of all needed Information.  Accepted applicants will receive a letter indicating all forms have been received along with housing information and a list of items to bring with them.  Participants who do not show up the day of registration, forfeit the opportunity to participate in the future and their $75 registration fee.

Below you will find a checklist of required information needed to apply for the INSIGHT program. 

 Checklist for applying:

  • MSU Undergraduate Student Application Form
  • INSIGHT Student Information/ Medical Data Form
  • Eye Report (get copy from school)
  • Individual Education Program (IEP) or 504 Plan (get copy from school)
  • MSU Caudill Clinic Health Form  (please make sure to sign all sections on the back page)
  • Copy of Immunization Record (get copy from school)
  • Copy of Medical/Insurance Card
  • Medical/Dental Release Form
  • INSIGHT General Permissions Form
  • Rules of Conduct/Expectations Form
  • Copy of Functional vision/ Learning Media Assessment (get copy from school)
  • If applicable, Copy of Orientation and Mobility Assessment (get copy from school )
  • $75 Registration Fee addressed to KEDC and in the memo section write INSIGHT Fee ($25 will be placed on the student ID for use during the program.

Mail/Fax  ALL information to: 

Kentucky School for the Blind
Charitable Foundation

214 Haldeman Avenue
Louisville, KY 40206

Fax:  (502) 897-3194
Phone:  (502) 897-3990

Email:  Michele Brown

FOR QUESTIONS contact Connie HIll, KSB at (502) 897-1583 x 7101 or 




Application Forms